Better Ads Manager $39.00

Managing ads on WordPress site can be a headache but Better Ads Manager make it sugar for you! It supports many ad locations also it has unique override ads feature that enables you to customize the ads for each page also there is Ad Blocker, Random Ad, Responsive AdSense Ads…

Better AMP

AMP is going to be an SEO factor soon (Winter is coming!)
and you have to prepare your site and Better AMP do all you have to do! It creates an AMP version of your WordPress site and has many options to customize it.

Better Social Counter $29.00

Better Social Counter enables you to display your social accounts fans, subscribers and followers number on your website! A perfect plugin to show your social media stats and encourage more to join your network. It supports 40+ social networks and also it’s highly customizable and translatable.

Content Protector Pack $49.00

Want to stop robbers to copy your site content and images? You can use Better Content Protector to disable copy and right click on your site and so many more features to abandon the robbers! Keep your content safe.

Newsletter Pack - Pro $24.00

Want to engage more users? Bigger emails list? More visitors? the Newsletter Pack is all you need to collect more emails and keep users in touch with 10+ Newsletter form style and 15+ newsletter form location also and a newsletter widget.

Financial Pack $49.00

The most complete plugin to show financial information and news on your site! It does not matter you want to show cryptocurrency data, stock markets data or fiat monies! there is a bunch of widgets for all them.

Smart Lists Pack $29.00

Separate section of your post content in multiplied style to make it more readable and usable. There is 20+ ads space in the integration of Better Ads Manager to show ads between sections.

Better Reviews $25.00

Did you always want to increase the user interaction on your website by rating products/services/anything? It enables you to review anything with highly customizable options and advanced optimization for SEO and Speed.

Weather Pack $29.00

Want to show weather forecast on your site? Better Weather enables you to do that by 10+ style and 4 forecast source support. It shows the next 4 days forecast and also beautiful and customizable style.

WP Embedder Pack $21.00

Want to show a .pdf, .docs or even an Excel file on your site? It’s time to use Better WP Embbeder plugin to add such that file and more 40+ file types to your site easily without extra tools! Easy to use for you and your users.

Better Google Custom Search $29.00

Integrate Google Custom Search to your site easily with Better GCS! It uses your site native style and typography for search result inside your site! Users will not notice it and they will get the best search result ever they can receive.

Better Smart Thumbnails $19.00

You can simply choose a point of interest for your image – e.g. a person’s face, an object, etc. – and all the thumbnails will be automatically updated to include them. It’s the majesty of Better Smart Thumbnails!

Better Facebook Chat $19.00

Want to add live chat to your site? Use Better Facebook Chat plugin to add Facebook Live Chat Messenger to your site for free. It’s fast, native and Free also it has a mobile APP for managing and answering chats!

Better Facebook Comments $9.00

Want advanced comment system? You can add the Facebook commenting system to your site easily by activating the Facebook Comments plugin. Easily and without headage.

Better Disqus Comments $9.00

Want advanced comment system? You can add Disqus commenting system to your site easily by activating the Disqus Comments plugin. Easily and without headage.

Better Playlists $29.00

Want to increase Time On Page in your site? You can use Better Playlists to show a full Youtube and Vimeo playlist directly on your site to keep users for more minutes on your site!

Blockquote Pack $29.00

Show quotes with author citation easily in 20+ styles and advanced customizations. Blockquote Pack has advanced customizable options for styles and sections also new styles will be added soon.

Better Post Views $9.00

Better Post Views allows you to display how many times a post, page or custom post type had been viewed with this simple, fast and easy to use plugin and it’s Highly compatible with Publisher Theme.