Compare the Features

Check the detailed comparison of Publisher Theme Theme by BetterStudio and The Newspaper Theme by tagDiv in human language mode. The list is update based on the latest demos and documentations of both themes.

Publisher Theme
Publisher Theme
Publisher Theme
Newspaper Theme
Theme Publisher Theme Newspaper Theme
Price $44 $59
Updates Frequency Monthly Every 5 Month
Unlimited Domains Support
Pre-built Demos 57 57
High Quality Responsive Design
Included Premium Plugins 21 Plugin 2
Save $ From Premium Plugins Save $511 $70
SEO Review by Google Certified Experts 20+ Rev & Improvement
GDPR Compliant
Infinity Post Loading
WooCommerce Support
bbPress Support
BuddyPress Support Coming Soon
Mobile Theme
Smart Lists
Review Features
PDF and Other File Types Embedder
Google Custom Search Engine Support
Smart Thumbnail Cropping
7 Days Popular Posts
RTL Support
Push Notification Support
Social Login
White Label Support
Custom Site Width Support
Social Share Buttons 20+ Styles 5 Styles
Social Share Counter
Easy Translation Panel
Pre-translations 40+ Languages 7 Languages
Auto Video Thumbnails
WPML Support
Header Styles 8 Styles 12 Styles
Money Back Guarantee Purchase 14 Days Guarantee
Performance & Speed
PHP 7.1 Support
Performance Optimization
Builtin Widgets & Menus Caching System
Ads Management
Ad Locations 120+ 17
Smart Responsive Google AdSense Ads
Unlimited Ad Banners
Override Ads Per Post & Category
Google DFP Support
Google InFeed Ads Support
Google InArticle Ads Support
AdBlocker Detector
After X Paragraph Ads
RTL Supported Ads
Multi-column Ads
Widgets Heading Style 40+ 17
Content Blocks Count 58 26
Social Counter Widget Style 30+ 6
Facebook Widget
Flickr Widget
Dribbble Widget
Weather Widget
Google+ Widget
Twitter Widget Coming Soon
Popular Categories Widget
Newsletter Widget
Blockquote Widget
Cryptocurrency Widget 40+ Styles
Cryptocurrency Converter 8 Styles
Stock Market Widget 40+ Styles
Money Exchange Widget 40+ Styles 1 Style
Custom Youtube Playlist Widget 2 Styles
Custom Vimeo Playlist Widget 2 Styles
Sign In Widget

You are currently using the Newspaper Theme ?

Publisher Migrator Converts All Your Posts Data, Shortcodes, Menus and Category settings From Newspaper Theme Theme Into Publisher Only by 1 Click.

Newspaper Theme
Newspaper Theme
Publisher Theme
Publisher Theme

What is supported?

  • Post Settings
  • Shortcodes
  • Smart Lists
  • Review Posts
  • Menu Settings
  • Category Settings
  • Post Views Count
  • Post Formats
  • Post Templates
  • Video/Audio Codes
  • Menu Settings
  • Mega Menus

How it works?

It converts all your current posts data, shortcodes, menus and category data to Publisher only with 1 click. All your data will be safe and available in Publisher.

There is various types of elements that can make a big difference for a theme. No doubt that both Publisher and Newspaper are one the best in their kind, but we want to take a look closely and compare their weakness and strength.

1. Responsive WordPress Theme

Nowadays smart phones are part of our lives and we can’t deny they have a big influence on us, which means it is very important for your site to shown in the best way in any kind of platforms. We can say most of the visitors will use their smart phones to access to your site, so you have to make sure your site looks perfectly organized and your visitors will come back next time.

It seems that recently search engines has been really interested about being
responsive and it is one of the elements that you need for having a good ranking in search engines including google.

Newspaper theme is responsive with all of the platforms. In the other hand Publisher Theme is responsive with all the platforms and besides that it is completely responsive with retina. Retina is new in this topic and we can
assure you, with Publisher Theme you will experience best quality for Iphone and Ipad.

2. Pre-made Demos

When you buy the premium version of both themes, you access to some pre-built demos and you can choose between them based on your site topic and also based on the styles you like. They are different in styles and each are perfectly organized, you can just simply install them or change your current style to any other that you like.

There is 57 styles in Newspaper Theme which means you can have a wild choice. Publisher Theme has 58 Demos. It doesn’t matter if you want to start a site for a magazine or music or even health care, you find your perfect style in these demos.

As you see these two Themes are nearly same in variety in Demos, but there is something interesting in Publisher Theme which I explain with an example:

Let’ssay you want to use default demo but you like the text box in Top News demo, you can easily make combination of several styles.

There is another feature in Publisher Theme, you can choose between different styles for site elements. For example you can choose between 8 different headers, or if you want to make an article, this theme give you the ability to choose between 20 styles.

More than 10 styles for sign up forms and newsletters also more than 30 styles is available for social counters. As you see you can design your site with your own taste and the best part is you don’t have to know anything about codes for making these changes.

3. Included Premium Plugins

If you are familiar with WordPress, you know that you need several plugins to do some tasks and you need some of them to manage your site. Which you can find some of these plugins for free but most of the times they bring some bugs to your site or even worse you can lose your access to site or your host.

And reason is these plugins have weak codes and in the other hand we have premium plugins. They are good to use and you will receive a good support with them. But we can say some are expensive and you need more than just a few of plugins and it is certainly not economic to spend a lot of money on it.

Newspaper Theme has 2 of these plugins and you need to buy some other.

Publisher Theme has 27 plugins and they are all premium and all of them are best in their kind and you don’t need any other plugin for your normal purpose.

4. SEO Optimization of WP Theme

For managing a site you need to think about SEO for site. It is also more difficult when your site is new. You need a good ranking for being in first pages. One of the topics that google is interested is load time and size of pages in sites.

As your site load time is getting better, you ranking is getter better too.
Newspaper Theme pages is 2 Mb and the load time is 4.2 second and it is kind of an ordinary time for a Theme like Newspaper.

Publisher Theme page size is 1.4 Mb and its load time is 1.7 second which is the fastest speed that a WordPress theme can have. Publisher Theme codes optimized perfectly and it is the reason this Theme is the most SEO optimized Theme that you can use. GTmetrix is a site that can give you your site speed ranking and Publisher Theme has 99% page speed and it is the best point that a WordPress theme has.

5. WP Ads Management

People make sites for different purposes but they all have one common purpose and it is making money, you can have site and sell services or things in it and we can say your main purpose is making money. Or you can share articles in your site, it doesn’t matter you can make money in both kind of sites by using ads in your site.

However not all ads are money maker and it can have different reasons. One of these reasons is because ad is not in the right place and you need to find the best place for the ad based on your design.

Newspaper theme has 14 determinate spot and 5 place that you can choose.

Publisher Theme has nearly 120 different place that you can use for the better response for the ads which is way more than Newspaper theme spots. It is like you can place your ad in anywhere you like, it can be before header or after any article, and it depends on your choice.

There is a lot of elements that can help you with managing your site or can make it difficult. But these 5 elements that we compared are one of the most important things you have to know about the theme you are using.