Compare the Features

Check the detailed comparison of Publisher Theme Theme by BetterStudio and The Newspaper Theme by tagDiv in human language mode. The list is update based on the latest demos and documentations of both themes.

Publisher Theme
Publisher Theme
Newspaper Theme
Theme Publisher Theme Newspaper Theme
Price $44 $59
Updates Frequency Monthly Every 5 Month
Unlimited Domains Support
Pre-built Demos 97 57
High Quality Responsive Design
Included Premium Plugins 21 Plugin 2
Save $ From Premium Plugins Save $511 $70
SEO Review by Google Certified Experts 20+ Rev & Improvement
GDPR Compliant
Infinity Post Loading
WooCommerce Support
bbPress Support
BuddyPress Support Coming Soon
Mobile Theme
Smart Lists
Review Features
PDF and Other File Types Embedder
Google Custom Search Engine Support
Smart Thumbnail Cropping
7 Days Popular Posts
RTL Support
Push Notification Support
Social Login
White Label Support
Custom Site Width Support
Social Share Buttons 20+ Styles 5 Styles
Social Share Counter
Easy Translation Panel
Pre-translations 40+ Languages 7 Languages
Auto Video Thumbnails
WPML Support
Header Styles 8 Styles 12 Styles
Money Back Guarantee Purchase 14 Days Guarantee
Performance & Speed
PHP 7.1 Support
Performance Optimization
Builtin Widgets & Menus Caching System
Ads Management
Ad Locations 120+ 17
Smart Responsive Google AdSense Ads
Unlimited Ad Banners
Override Ads Per Post & Category
Google DFP Support
Google InFeed Ads Support
Google InArticle Ads Support
AdBlocker Detector
After X Paragraph Ads
RTL Supported Ads
Multi-column Ads
Widgets Heading Style 40+ 17
Content Blocks Count 58 26
Social Counter Widget Style 30+ 6
Facebook Widget
Flickr Widget
Dribbble Widget
Weather Widget
Google+ Widget
Twitter Widget Coming Soon
Popular Categories Widget
Newsletter Widget
Blockquote Widget
Cryptocurrency Widget 40+ Styles
Cryptocurrency Converter 8 Styles
Stock Market Widget 40+ Styles
Money Exchange Widget 40+ Styles 1 Style
Custom Youtube Playlist Widget 2 Styles
Custom Vimeo Playlist Widget 2 Styles
Sign In Widget

You are currently using the Newspaper Theme ?

Publisher Migrator Converts All Your Posts Data, Shortcodes, Menus and Category settings From Newspaper Theme Theme Into Publisher Only by 1 Click.

Newspaper Theme
Newspaper Theme
Publisher Theme

What is supported?

  • Post Settings
  • Shortcodes
  • Smart Lists
  • Review Posts
  • Menu Settings
  • Category Settings
  • Post Views Count
  • Post Formats
  • Post Templates
  • Video/Audio Codes
  • Menu Settings
  • Mega Menus

How it works?

It converts all your current posts data, shortcodes, menus and category data to Publisher only with 1 click. All your data will be safe and available in Publisher.

A few key elements can leave a huge impact on a theme's design and practicality. No doubt both Publisher and Newspaper are top products of their kind, but we want to take a closer look and compare their weaknesses and strength.

In this article, we will have Newspaper 9 theme review and the Newspaper vs Publisher theme review to help you choose the theme that fits your needs and brings more visitors to your sites through better SEO optimization.

1. Responsive WordPress Theme

Nowadays smartphones are part of our lives and we can’t deny they have a big influence on us. It's important for a professional website to be perfect in every platform.

We can say most of the visitors will use their smartphones to access to your site, so you have to make sure your site looks perfectly organized. A neat design can turn a wandering visitor to a returning customer.

Recently search engines are taking the responsive design more seriously. So having a responsive WordPress theme is an important factor in SEO, and will help you in your search engine ranking.

Newspaper theme is fully responsive and works with every device. Although with the recent Retina revolution, a simple responsive design is not enough. As the very high pixel-per-inch design can effect some pictures negatively.

Publisher Theme is responsive to all devices and is completely optimized with Retina displays. Retina is a fairly new technology and we can
assure you, with Publisher Theme, you will experience the best quality iPhone and iPad devices can offer.

2. Pre-made Demos

Both themes come with a pack of Demos, which are created around different subjects and creative styles. Each Demo is different and is perfectly organized. You can choose one based upon your occupation and preference and change it anytime you want.

There are 57 Demos in Newspaper 9 Theme, which means you can have a wild choice. Publisher Theme has 58 Demos. It doesn’t matter if you want to start a magazine, music or even health care website. You find your perfect style in these demos.

As you see these two Themes are nearly the same in the variety of their Demos, but there is something interesting in Publisher Theme which I explain with an example:

Let’s say you want to use default demo but you like the text box in Top News demo, you can easily make a combination of several styles.

Also in Publisher you can choose between different styles of site elements. For example, you can choose between 8 different headers, or if you want to make an article, you can choose between 20 styles.

More than 10 styles are available for sign-up forms and newsletters, and more than 30 styles for social counters. You can design your site and combine different styles without writing one line of code in the process.

3. Included Premium Plugins

If you are familiar with WordPress, certain plugins are absolutely essential in running tasks and managing the site properly. There are plenty of free plugins out there. But they can create issues due to their low-quality. They can even create huge security scares.

Premium plugins are supported through a professional team. So you can install them and be sure that in case of a problem, there is a team to support you.

If buying several plugins too big for your budget, you can hope the theme comes with some premium (and fully supported) plugins.

Newspaper Theme comes with 2 premium plugins.

Publisher Theme comes with 27 plugins. These plugins are all premium and all of them are the best of their kind. They are also tremendously versatile. There are very few of your needs that these 27 plugins don't cover.

4. SEO Optimization of WP Theme

For managing a site, you need to think about SEO. SEO is a fairly tough subject, but it gets more difficult when your site is new. Your WordPress theme should give you a hand in SEO matters. Google is very interested in load time and page sizes.

As your load time gets faster, your site's ranking gets better as well. Newspaper Theme is 2 Mb and the load time is 4.2 second. That's an average time for a Theme like Newspaper.

Publisher Theme page size is 1.4 Mb and its load time is 1.7 second, Which is the fastest speed that a WordPress theme can have. Publisher's codes are line by line optimized. That's why Publisher Theme is the most SEO optimized theme that you can use.

Publisher has a 99% score from GTmetrix (the leading page speed analyzer). Pretty much as high as a theme gets.

5. WP Ads Management

People make sites for different purposes, but mostly as a business, they want to achieve a profit margin. If your website is selling a product or service, you fall into this category. Sometimes you just share articles, what is called content marketing. Either way, if you have enough visitors, you can use ads as a way of monetizing your website.

Keep in mind, not all ads are money-makers. The effectiveness of an ad is reliant upon several factors. One is the placing of it. You need to find the best place for your ad based upon your website's design and the behavior of your users.

Getting back to our comparison, Newspaper theme has 14 dedicated spots and 5 places that you can choose from.

Publisher Theme has nearly 120 different places that you can use. Way more than Newspaper theme. It is like you can place your ad anywhere you want. The ads in Publisher can be placed before the header or after an article, based upon your preference.

There are many important elements in creating a successful theme. But these 5 elements are key to managing a professional website. The next one is the key to managing an international operation.

6. Newspaper Theme RTL Style

The Newspaper theme 9 by tagDiv does not support the RTL (right to left) style for RTL languages like Arabic and Persian. Publisher, on the other hand, is the most RTL supported theme for WordPress.

All the demos of Publisher fully support RTL. You don't need to touch any CSS or PHP code or pay extra fees to use them. Also, all demos come with complete 1 click installation. Publisher has been the number one choice of RTL users for some time, based on how optimized it is for these languages.

Download Newspaper Theme

To download Newspaper theme by TagDiv you have to purchase it at a $59 cost for one domain in ThemeForest. Although you have to make sure your decision is final because all theme purchases at ThemeForest does not support money-back guarantee based on ThemeForest license roles.

Another way is download Newspaper theme nulled version that we do not suggest. The better choice is to download Publisher theme at a $44 while you have 30 days money-back guarantee. Meaning if the theme does not fit your website, you can simply take the money back and invest it somewhere else..