Months of hard work done and we are prepared to release the Publisher 7.5 update. We released 5 beta version for the 7.5 update in the community to make suer we will release a bug free update.

WordPress 5.0 Update and Gutenberg

WordPress v5 is coming on the 27th Nov and the biggest change in this version is changing the old TinyMCE editor by the Gutenberg Editor is completely a new experience in writing contents. In Publisher 7.5 the theme and all our plugins are supporting the Gutenberg completely to create the best experience for you in using Publisher.

Also, we added a lot of new features and also we fixed all reported issues in our community. You can see the Publisher 7.5 changelog here. It’s the most stable version of Publisher that we created.

You can check the Publisher 7.5 beta version here. The Final version will be released on the 23 November 2018.

50% Sale – Black Friday & Cyber Monday

As you know Black Friday is coming and all successful products and brands products are rarely on discount. But this time, we decided to make a special offer for Publisher lovers who couldn’t buy it yet or want to buy more licenses.

I want you to take notice of our Black Friday & Cyber Monday offer. You can use a special 50% off for great Publisher theme from Black Friday (From 21 to 30th November 2018 ), just for a week!

Please be aware this offer is just for our Stater & Pro packs.

As you know, we are out of ThemeForest now to be more powerful, flexible & responsible. This way, we celebrate our new challenge with our friends.

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